1. Do you really offer an unlimited day return policy?
        Yes, we are confident in our product quality, and we don't settle for less. If you don't like your products, we will issue a refund immediately.
2. How should I cook this organic brown rice?
        Conventionally, it would be best if you soaked brown rice 24-48 hours before cooking. However, our rice is so different that you can normally cook it like white rice. So you not only have delicious cooked rice quickly, but you also taste something unique.
        Also, our organic brown rice offers dynamic softness based on water-to-rice ratio. If you want your brown rice soft but not soggy, you can just add a bit more water.
3. How different is your organic brown rice?
        First, it cooks like white rice, so you save time while staying healthy.
        Second, when your organic brown rice is cooked, you will smell an oceanic aroma.
        Third, when you chew your cooked organic brown rice, it will be soft and sweet.
        Fourth, when you exhale while chewing, your nose will have a lingering aroma from our rice.
4. Is organic brown rice healthy for my health?
        Absolutely! Unlike white rice, which is heavily processed and then added back artificial nutrients, brown rice has all the micro-nutrient and macro-nutrient, so it will help you stay full and satisfied longer. At the same time, it provides your body with a lot of healthy nutrients.
        As a Vietnamese immigrant, I was raised by eating white rice. And since I started eating our organic brown rice, I can see that I eat less, stay full longer, and have so much more energy. One additional bonus is I no longer suffer bloating after eating.
5. How can we partner with you?
       You can email us at duc.le@vietqualitygoods.com